Quartet Eraser White Board Magnetic : QTMAGERASER

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Quartet Eraser White Board Magnetic : QTMAGERASER

Are you tired of using those flimsy erasers that smudge your whiteboard and leave a mess behind? Say goodbye to those pesky erasers and hello to Quartet’s Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser! This game-changing eraser is the ultimate solution for all your whiteboard cleaning needs. With its magnetic surface, you can securely store it on your whiteboard without ever losing it. Plus, it comes with two replaceable eraser pads that maintain clean erasing performance over time, so you can use it again and again. Quartet is a trusted brand that has been around since 1954, providing top-notch whiteboards, bulletin boards, and chalkboards for offices, classrooms, and home offices. The Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser is the perfect addition to their impressive lineup of products that help encourage clear communication and organize your thoughts. Make your life easier with Quartet’s Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser. It’s simply the best way to clean your whiteboard effortlessly and efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing product today and take the first step towards a cleaner, more organized workspace. Our premium quality erasers effortlessly remove all traces of lead, ensuring a clean slate for your next masterpiece. Trust us to deliver precision, reliability, and durability in every use. Don't settle for less, upgrade your erasers today and take your art to the next level!


  • Magnetic surface: Easily store the eraser on your whiteboard for quick access.

  • Replaceable eraser pads: Maintain clean erasing performance over time.

  • Quality construction: Built to last and stand up to regular use.

  • Quick cleaning: Erase your whiteboard in seconds without leaving behind any residue.

  • Compact design: Easily store the eraser in a desk drawer or on a shelf.

  • Durable material: Can withstand multiple uses without showing signs of wear.

  • Low maintenance: No need to constantly purchase new erasers.

  • Versatile: Ideal for offices, classrooms, and home offices.

  • Brand recognition: Quartet has been a trusted brand since 1954.

  • Cost-effective: Save money over time by not having to purchase new erasers.


  • Magnetic: Yes

W X L X H (mm) 62.000 x 48.000 x 187.000
Gross Weight (g) 100.000
Product Barcode 9314286003022
Unit of Measure
Inner Carton Dimensions
Inner Unit Quantity 10
W X L X H (mm) 302.000 x 50.000 x 308.000
Gross Weight (g) 1140.000
Inner Carton Barcode 19314286003029
Outer / Shipper Carton Dimensions
Outer Carton Quantity 100
W X L X H (mm) 324.000 x 318.000 x 492.000
Gross Weight (g) 11760.000
Outer Carton Barcode 29314286003026

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Quartet are an essential tool for creativity and communication offering a high-calibre range of visual communication solutions designed to adapt to home, education and office environment needs. We are driven to help you succeed at work, home, school and anywhere in between.

Full range of whiteboards
Quality porcelain boards with 25 year surface guarantees
Cork and fabric bulletin boards in various styles
Wide range of accessories and cleaning products
Custom printed boards from InView plus custom sized boards

Your ideas are ever-evolving, and Quartet is here to help. Dedicated to innovation, we have been a leader in visual communications since 1954. We design best-in-class products that inspire smart thinking and creative solutions.
From meeting rooms and schools, to home offices and hospitals, Quartet strives to make the dry-erase experience as smooth as possible – erase after erase.
Our products encourage clear communication, let you organize thoughts, and ultimately, help you arrive at powerful creative ideas. We want you to achieve your vision and we provide the tools you need to work towards your best idea yet.

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