Every teacher, student or artist will tell you that it’s essential to keep a pair of scissors on hand for any project. The Stationery Store stocks a wide range of scissors that are suitable for users of any age. We partner with the best stationery supplies brands in Australia, including Marbig, Maped, and Durable, in order to provide premium performance and long-lasting scissors. Our team stocks both right-hand scissors and left-hand scissors to suit your needs.

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or an office administrator, we recommend that you order a carton of scissors so you’re never in a position where you can’t complete a project. Scissors can be tough to keep track of, especially when a child is using them, so buy in bulk today for great savings and to ensure you’ve always got spare scissors in your supply closet.

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When it comes to scissors, we recommend that you look for products with a comfortable grip. We don’t often think about the handle side of our scissors, but you will appreciate an easy and comfy grip, especially when you’re using them regularly. It’s also important to store your scissors safely when they’re not in use and ensure they’re locked away from little unsupervised hands.

Left Hand Scissors

If you're looking specifically for left-hand scissors, The Stationery Store has a range of products for you. Our team stocks both right hand and left-hand scissors in a range of sizes, styles, and vibrant colours. Our left-hand scissors are perfect for the classroom, the office, or the studio.

At The Stationery Store, our focus is on providing you with more bang for your buck, so don’t miss out on cashing in on our great offers. Shop online for right and left-hand scissors from The Stationery Store today.