Celco 2 In 1 Set Square and Protractor : 0347580

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  • Celco 2 In 1 Set Square and Protractor 0347580
  • Celco 2 In 1 Set Square and Protractor 0347580
  • Celco 2 In 1 Set Square and Protractor 0347580
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Celco 2 In 1 Set Square and Protractor : 0347580

Do you dread the thought of your vehicle's alignment being out of sync? Say goodbye to that worry with the CELCO GEOLINER 14CM 2 IN 1! This high-tech alignment system takes the hassle out of aligning your tires, and makes it a breeze for even the busiest of car enthusiasts. The GEOLINER 14CM uses state-of-the-art laser technology to scan and diagnose your vehicle's alignment, giving you precise measurements in just seconds. Say goodbye to the days of having to take your car to a mechanic or alignment shop just to get your wheels straightened out. This device is a game changer for do-it-yourself auto maintenance, and will save you both time and money. Not only does the GEOLINER 14CM offer unparalleled precision, but its compact design makes it easy to store and transport. It's the perfect tool for anyone looking to stay on top of their vehicle's maintenance without sacrificing convenience or quality. Take control of your car's alignment and invest in the CELCO GEOLINER 14CM 2 IN 1 today. Your vehicle (and your wallet) will thank you! CELCO is the ultimate brand for those seeking high-quality office supplies at an affordable price, with a focus on versatility, durability, and sustainability that ensures their products stand the test of time, making CELCO the perfect choice for any workplace.


  • State-of-the-art laser technology: Allows for precise measurements in just seconds, eliminating the need for costly visits to a mechanic or alignment shop.

  • Compact design: Easy to store and transport, perfect for those who need to maintain their vehicle's alignment without sacrificing convenience.

  • Versatility: Can be used on a variety of vehicle models, making it a great investment for any car enthusiast.

  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials, the GEOLINER 14CM is designed to last.

  • Cost-efficiency: Save time and money by avoiding costly trips to the mechanic.

  • Accuracy: Get precise measurements and accurate results every time.

  • Easy-to-use: Simple setup and intuitive operation makes using the GEOLINER 14CM a breeze.

  • Reliability: With CELCO's focus on quality and sustainability, you can trust that your alignment system will last.

  • Customer service: CELCO offers reliable customer service to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Affordable price: Get top-of-the-line performance at a price that won't break the bank.

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Celco has a wide variety of stationery products ranging from Educational to Office products. Whether it is an eraser to a math set or a paper clip to a cash box, Celco has it covered!
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