Paperpro Punch 2 Hole 20 Sheet Silver/Black X Carton of 4 : 312310

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Paperpro Punch 2 Hole 20 Sheet Silver/Black X CARTON of 4 : 312310

Ideal for use in legal and medical offices where everyday recording keeping and filing is required. Built-in features such as adjustable paper guides, locking handles for storage, chip trays, and no-slip bases for stability.


  • Punches up to 20 sheets of paper (80 gsm)

  • ProPunch technology for 50% easier hole punching

  • Jam-free design for smooth, continuous operation

  • Sleek, all metal design for lasting performance

  • Adjustable paper guide ensures consistent hole placement

  • Waste compartment empties through door for tidy chip disposal

  • Locking handle for compact storage in tight spaces

  • Non-slip base for stability during use
W X L X H (mm) 132.000 x 62.000 x 149.000
Gross Weight (g) 340.000
Product Barcode 842048023159
Unit of Measure
Inner Carton Dimensions
Inner Unit Quantity 4
W X L X H (mm) 228.000 x 128.000 x 140.000
Gross Weight (g) 1540.000
Inner Carton Barcode 30842048023150
Outer / Shipper Carton Dimensions
Outer Carton Quantity 8
W X L X H (mm) 242.000 x 144.000 x 308.000
Gross Weight (g) 3380.000
Outer Carton Barcode 50842048023154

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Here at PaperPro, we don't believe in embracing normalcy. We believe that average is overrated and that the most mundane tasks should be turned into feel-good experiences. That's why we create one-of-a-kind products that help you get things done quickly, efficiently and hassle-free, because we believe in better.

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