Rexel Self Drilling Torx Screw M4x12 : 9905900

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Rexel Self Drilling Torx Screw M4x12 : 9905900

If you're looking for a screw that can quickly and easily bore into tough materials, the SELF DRILLING TORX SCREW M4X12 is exactly what you need. This innovative screw is designed to work with materials like metal, wood, and plastic, without requiring a pilot hole. With its sharp and durable torx head, it grips the material tightly and drives it in securely, ensuring a strong and reliable hold. The SELF DRILLING TORX SCREW M4X12 is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications such as building furniture, installing cabinets or even constructing decking. It's made with high-grade materials that are designed to last and withstand tough conditions. This means you can count on it to hold up your project for years to come. Even if you're not a professional builder or DIY enthusiast, the SELF DRILLING TORX SCREW M4X12 is easy to use, with its self-drilling feature saving you valuable time and effort. So why struggle with traditional screws when you can get the job done quickly and easily with the SELF DRILLING TORX SCREW M4X12? Order yours today and experience the difference! REXEL offers high-quality office products and solutions that are designed to make your work life easier and more efficient. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, REXEL is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stay organized and productive in the office. So why wait? Invest in REXEL today and experience the difference for yourself!


  • Self-drilling feature: saves time and effort, quickly and easily bores into tough materials without needing a pilot hole.

  • Torx head: provides a strong and reliable grip, ensuring a secure hold.

  • High-grade materials: designed to withstand tough conditions, lasts for years.

  • Versatile: can be used for a variety of applications, from building furniture to installing cabinets.

  • Easy to use: perfect for those who are not professional builders or DIY enthusiasts.

  • Quality: REXEL is known for providing high-quality office products and solutions.

  • Innovation: REXEL is focused on making your work life easier and more efficient.

  • Sustainability: REXEL is committed to sustainability and environmental protection.

  • Cost-effective: REXEL products are designed to provide value for money.

  • Time-saving: REXEL products are designed to save you time and energy.
W X L X H (mm) 10.000 x 20.000 x 10.000
Gross Weight (g) 3.000
Product Barcode 9931231886426
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Rexel manufactures products to improve people’s everyday productivity and efficiency. We enable our customers to save time and get more done, whether they’re at the office, at home, or at school.We question everything from the way products are designed, to the way customers are expected to learn how to use them. We search for ways to make improvements at every point in the customer experience, leading the field in research, development, innovation, and the introduction of new solutions.

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