Jastek Compact Calculator Blue X Carton of 6 : 0398420

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Jastek Compact Calculator Blue X CARTON of 6 : 0398420

Introducing the JASTEK Compact Calculator in Blue - your new go-to for all your mathematical needs! This sleek and stylish little gadget packs a serious punch, making it the perfect choice for anyone who needs to crunch numbers on the go. With its large, easy-to-read display and intuitive keypad, you'll be able to breeze through calculations with ease. But don't let its size fool you - this calculator is a true powerhouse, capable of handling even the most complex equations with ease. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone who likes to stay organized, the JASTEK Compact Calculator is the perfect tool for the job. And with its durable construction and long-lasting battery life, you can trust that this calculator will be by your side for years to come. So why wait? Upgrade your mathematical game today with the JASTEK Compact Calculator in Blue, and see the difference for yourself! JASTEK offers high-quality and reliable electronic accessories that are designed to enhance your everyday life, from charging your devices on-the-go to optimizing your workspace setup, their innovative products are built to simplify your life and keep you connected, making JASTEK the go-to brand for consumers looking for premium tech accessories.


  • Large, easy-to-read display: Consumers can easily read and understand the information displayed on the calculator, making calculations easier and faster.

  • Intuitive keypad: Consumers can navigate the calculator quickly and accurately, making calculations more efficient.

  • Durable construction: Consumers can trust that the calculator will be able to withstand everyday wear and tear, providing long-term use.

  • Long-lasting battery life: Consumers can use the calculator for extended periods of time without worrying about running out of power.

  • Sleek and stylish design: Consumers can enjoy a modern and attractive look that will fit into any workspace setup.

  • Compact size: Consumers can easily carry the calculator with them wherever they go, making it the perfect choice for anyone who needs to crunch numbers on the go.

  • Powerful capabilities: Consumers can trust that the calculator can handle even the most complex equations with ease.

  • Easy to use: Consumers can quickly learn how to use the calculator, making it a great choice for both students and professionals.

  • Reliable brand: Consumers can trust that the JASTEK brand stands for high-quality and reliable electronic accessories.

  • Affordable price: Consumers can purchase the calculator without breaking the bank, making it an excellent value for the money.

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Jastek markets a comprehensive range of products used in the SOHO and general office environment.
The Jastek brand was established in 2000 and its humble beginnings began with a handful of products including clocks.
The brand has now expanded to include hundreds of products across many categories.

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